DaviCor Construction Inc. was founded in April 2010. The owner and president, David Cork, grew up with a family background in construction. Following completion of his Civil Engineering Technologist diploma, Dave continues to be active in developing his skills and knowledge applicable to his training and interests. Over the last 15 years in the industry, Dave has acquired experience in the high-end single-family residential, multi-unit residential, commercial and industrial building sectors. After moving to the Muskoka area over a decade ago, Dave has worked with several local building professionals, including architects, structural, mechanical, electrical and geotechnical engineers, building authorities, and utility companies. Furthermore, from his diverse field experience, Dave has developed a comprehensive network of personal contacts within the industry which includes local subcontractors, specialty trades, suppliers and building service companies. Recently, Dave decided it was time to pursue his interests in operating his own company founded on solid technical skills, sound judgement, and extensive experience. 

DaviCor’s approach is to keep a balance with the three key components of any construction project:  Project Scope, Project Schedule and Budget. DaviCor recognizes that by altering one of the three components, one or both of the other components will be affected. For instance, by increasing the scope of the project, the budget will likely increase and the schedule for completion may also be impacted. By continually monitoring and balancing these three components of a project, Davicor best manages the expressed goals and objectives of an owner or consultant while maintaining value through sound construction options, reasoning and decision making. This ensures the successful delivery of a project through the control of scope, schedule and cost. 

DaviCor Construction Inc. is committed to providing a complete, comprehensive project delivery service at a fair value and in a timely manner. Please contact Dave at the office at (705) 788-3480 to arrange a meeting to discuss your project needs.